What is The Best PPC Automation Tool?

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

To find the PPC automation tools that are best for you, start with identifying the areas where you want to save time. There are multiple processes within ad management that can be automated, such ad budget management or reporting.

One of the more challenging PPC tasks to automate is the creation of your campaigns, both through a creative sense and audience targeting. Consider using an outsourced PPC team, like AdRobin.

Automating Campaign Management

Facebook and Google Ads, like many programmatic ad platforms, allow you to create “Rules”.

Within Facebook, you can create rules on campaigns, ad sets, or ads, that will:

  • Turn on/off campaigns or ads

  • Increase/decrease daily and lifetime budgets

  • Adjust bids

  • Send notifications

These actions can be scheduled and are based on any of the following conditions/thresholds:

  • Total cost, CPC, CPA, or cost per any result reaching your specified amount

  • Delivery: people reached, impressions, or frequency

  • Time based: start/end time, hours since created, time of day, etc.

Advanced Audience Automation

One of the most cumbersome tasks of PPC is audience management. Making sure your campaigns are consistently reaching the right audience takes dedicated attention, like day trading.

One of my favorite automations for audience management is AdRobin’s Custom Audience Maintenance (NOTE: on our blog, not quora, we will swap “AdRobin” with “Zapier”). We use this for our clients and internally for our agency to add new email subscribers to a Custom Audience list, saving hours of CSV uploading.

Pro tip: The Facebook ads platform allows advertisers to serve ads on Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network using an email or phone number list you provide. It does so by matching profiles to the contact information, allowing you to target customers, email subscriber lists, and more.

Finding New Possibilities

Once again, the best way to find time-saving automations always begins with identifying the most time-consuming tasks and researching possible integrations that can automate those specific tasks. If you know what you want to solve, it becomes much easier to come across a specific solution.

Great places that I have found solutions to just about everything:

  • Zapier - A powerful automation tool that can trigger from various actions of many apps in order to manage routine tasks reliably and accurately

  • AdRobin - A one-stop ad creation automation platform for Facebook, Instagram, and Google

  • Zoho Flow - Similar to Zapier, you can use flow to automate tedious tasks using triggers from various apps you use daily

  • AdEspresso - An ad management tool allowing you to split test your own creative and manage its success after publishing

At AdRobin, we help businesses and marketers streamline the process of creating and deploying online ads. Click here to learn more about how AdRobin can simplify your online advertising.