How our online ads work

AdRobin is a digital advertising agency in the cloud. We give you a tech-powered team of experts to create your ads upon request. And it's all done through one simple online platform, accessible right when you need us.

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Here's what working with AdRobin looks like


Start with a request

Using a simple ad submission form, our team extracts a few details we need to design your ad, build your target audience, and prepare your selected placements. See all integrations →

Promote an event to my website visitors on Facebook.


Generate new leads from relevant Google Searches.


Reach new customers on Instagram over 25 years old.


 Ad    Fall trade show

They look great! Just add our address and you can push live.



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Hi Kevin, your ads are ready for review!


Approve or modify

Our team will notify you when your ads are ready. From your account you can approve or request changes. Once completed, say the word and we'll get them online for you.

We manage, you watch.

Digital advertising in an on-going task. Our team keeps a close eye on every single ad, kind of like day-trading, and modifies when necessary. Max results reached? Your budget is reallocated or saved. Throughout all this, your role is to monitor. You can do this with your pre-built dashboard. And we're always listening, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions.


Common questions

What does the set-up look like?

It takes about 15 min of your time. The rest is on us.

  1. First, you complete a short on-boarding survey that asks for your company details and assets such as your company's story, advertising goals, logo and branding files, and the best way to contact you.
  2. Next, you e-meet your ad-buyer for a 1x1 screen share to walk you through granting us 'advertiser' access to your ad accounts. If you don't have any yet, we'll create them for you.
  3. After that, we load your marketing data into your private dashboard so you can monitor your online performance for your website, paid ads, and social media. View marketing integrations here »
  4. Lastly, we send you an email notification letting you know your account is ready to begin requesting ads. This is the easiest part, you know what you want to achieve, and we simply get you there. Help is available along the way.

What do the ad services include?

Consider us your expert-in-ads neighbor. With the right set-up (that we do for you), we can achieve the following:

  • Create original ad graphics for Facebook, Facebook Audience Network, Instagram, Instagram Stories, and Google Display.
  • Create Google Search ads with targeted keywords, specific to your company's products or services.
  • Create advanced target audiences like demographics cohorts, specific interests, website visitors (retargeting), email list matching, phone number list matching, and lookalike audiences. Read more about our targeting strategies »
  • Design in a variety of formats, optimized for special ad types like carousel ads, vertical story ads, square Instagram ads, to name a few. View examples of all ad types we offer»
Your advertising team includes a ad-graphic designer to create original ads for the types listed above and a group of in-house ad-buying specialists to build your audiences and monitor your spending.

What graphics does AdRobin not offer?

At the moment, the following designs are not offered with our advertising service. But perhaps one day ;)

  • Original logos or branding - Our purpose is growth, not birth. AdRobin only designs advertisements. Once you do get your new logo, send it over and we'll make sure the world sees it.
  • Videos / motion graphics - At least not right now, but soon. If you are looking to use a video for your ad, send over a finalized version and we will build the right target audience and delivery strategy for it.
  • Custom illustrations - Our designers are amazing, but they specialize in one thing; ad graphics that have massive ROI. We design original yet simple advertisements, optimized for results. If you are looking to create a Mona Lisa, it's best that it's not used for online ads.
  • Heavy photo manipulation - If you would like a specific photograph used in your ad, we may lightly touch it up to catch more eyes. However, our team does not specialize in removing third eyes or overnight skin care. We think you're beautiful as is.

Who is this service for?

Anyone can use AdRobin, but most of our clients are:

  • Small and medium sized business owners that don't want to break something.
  • Agencies that need consistenly performing ads for a variety of clients.
  • Start-up founders that are focused on growth, with a small team to keep making requests for ads.
  • B2B companies that want to generate leads with powerful calls-to-action
Here's a few more: CMOs, Brick n' mortar business owners, marketing folks, consultants, tech-support teams, parents, freelancers, grandparents, and beyond.

Who owns the work?

This one is simple. You have 100% ownership of every single ad we create. Afterall, we build everything in your accounts so you can access anything and everything whenever you need it.

Does AdRobin actually drive results?

AdRobin is a 10-year-old agency transformed into an online miracle. After almost a decade of running Iron Roots, a full service digital ad agency and our parent company, we have learned something about most digital advertisers - They always miss the low hanging fruit. We use cutting edge targeting tactics married to beautiful ad graphics that drive massive ROI. We focus on reaching the most interested audiences. And we've done this successfully for brands large and small, including Netflix, Gillette, Warner Bros, and Zoho.

Do you offer other advertising services? i.e. Social media management, email marketing, etc?

No, ma'am. We're experts in paid digital ads and only paid digital ads. Share with us your most challenging growth goals and we'll show you what we can do with paid media. Need full service, cross channel management? Reach out to our partner, Iron Roots »

What is the difference between AdRobin and a....?

Traditional ad agency – We are much, much faster. And often more tactical (in paid ads). We don’t overcomplicate things. No retainers or contracts. We don’t act better than you (except for ads, we're pretty good at ads). Oh, and best of all we give you a pre-built dashboard so you can monitor us the whole time. Agencies typically don't like that. Are you an agency? Great! You can monitor us along the way to ensure we deliver for your clients. And sorry about what we said before :) Freelancer – We are always available! And we are backed by in-house tech. We learn to understand your brand audience better and better overtime. Oh, and we have a pre-built dashboard. If you must know, many of us were once freelancers. Other ad tech products – We are human, like you.

What if I don't like my ads?

Then you may want to buy a lottery ticket, because that's rare. Need a modification? You can request unlimited revisions, however we will treat it as a new request and it could take as much time as the original submission. No matter what, we'll make it right. And rest assured that nothing goes live without your approval.


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