How our online ads work

AdRobin is a digital advertising agency in the cloud. We give you a tech-powered team of experts to create your ads upon request. And it's all done through one simple online platform, accessible right when you need us.

Here's what working with AdRobin looks like


Start with a request

Using a simple ad submission form, our team extracts a few details we need to design your ad, build your target audience, and prepare your selected placements. See all integrations →

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Approve or modify

Our team will notify you when your ads are ready. From your account you can approve or request changes. Once completed, say the word and we'll get them online for you.

We manage, you watch.

Digital advertising in an on-going task. Our team keeps a close eye on every single ad, kind of like day-trading, and modifies when necessary. Max results reached? Your budget is reallocated or saved. Throughout all this, your role is to monitor. You can do this with your pre-built dashboard. And we're always listening, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions.


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